Gold Magic Bracelet with Tanzanite

Logan Hollowell Jewelry

*Ships Now: Yellow Gold

Solid 14k gold with a Tanzanite charm.

Tanzanite comes from the mountains of Tanzania, which is where Brenda Shuma built the Gabriella Centre to nurture and educate children with disabilities, an organization that holds a very special place in Logan's heart.

This stone has a high vibrational energy which brings protection and helps you reach profound meditation. It is wonderful for uniting the mind and heart and keeping your intellect and compassion in perfect balance. 

Imagine if we all gave our focus to one project, one cause, or one person outside of ourselves to invest our time and love. And what if we all supported each other's side mission?  Brenda is not only transforming the lives of children with disabilities and their families; she is also changing the perception of disabilities and working tirelessly to remove the stigma and fear associated with them.  This necklace helps support Logan's passion project in Africa.  To donate and learn more information about this incredible organization, click here.


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