NEW! Divine Feminine Charm

Logan Hollowell Jewelry


14k gold with white diamonds forming the sacred symbol for female. .07ct weight.

In ancient Rome, Venus was known as the Goddess of Love. Venus rules beauty, what we value, love, compassion, devotion, desire, creativity, allure, and passion. The circle in this symbol represents the unity and the oneness that this world has within it. The cross represents the branches of that unity and the form that that oneness takes in our world.  The location of the cross under the circle represents that all matter is birthed from a spiritually inclusive, loving womb.

Our world is made up of energy and, since the beginning of time, masculine and feminine energies have countered each other. They work in unity to balance one another. They are yin and yang and they rely on the other to bring harmony to our world and the individuals on it.

The world is going through a shift and it's healing the over abundance of masculine energy that's been at play for some time. Females are rising and feminine forces are taking the seats of power. A beautiful shift is at play here and the goddesses who have always walked among us are speaking their truths and gracefully stepping forward to nature a world in need of balance.

Let this charm bring you strength and poise and remind you of the beautiful harmony in this world. 

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