• NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle
  • NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle
  • NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle
    NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle
    NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle
    NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle

    NEW! 11:11 Awakening Bangle

    14k gold with 11 star set diamonds on top and 11 11 pavé diamond closure. Inside is engraved with “Remember who you are” or "Trust the Universe" - you decide. If you have a different engraving request, please add it to your order notes. The intention behind this bracelet is to serve a solid reminder to you - of the magic within you - whatever that message may be!

    11:11 is the universe’s way of urging us to pay attention to our heart, soul and inner intuition. It can be seen as a wake-up call, a sign from our angels and a moment to step back and assess our current state.  Seeing this particular sequence means that the universe is trying to spark an awakening, a time for us to pay close attention to the synchronicities around us to remember who we really are.

    It's important to remember that there are several messages in seeing 11:11. Here are 5 reasons you are seeing it:

    1st Meaning of 1111: Pay Attention to Your Thoughts as an Opportunity Portal is Opening Up For You

    One of the meanings of 11:11 is that the Universe has sampled your thought sequence and whatever you were intensely thinking about will manifest almost instantly in your physical reality. So if you are feeling really good about the thoughts you are focused on, rest assured that the thoughts you are sending to the Universe will soon manifest in your life. However, if you're having a thought that triggers an unpleasant feeling, you understand that you can shift your thought to a more positive one in order to attract a positive experience into your reality.

    In this event, 11:11 or 1:11 is a message from divine angel beings that you need to monitor your thoughts with greater attention, and make sure you are focusing on the things that you want, and not the things that you don't want.

    2nd Meaning of 1111: Everything is the Result of Your Thoughts and Feelings

    All the things that exist in your life are the result of your thoughts and feelings. Whether you think about the past, present, or future, you are using your energy to create a vibration within you that attracts things with the same vibration to you. In other words, when you spend time remembering the past, observing the present, or imagining the future, your specific thought activates a vibration that draws ideas, people, and experiences with matching vibrations to you. Simply put, you attract whatever you're mainly thinking about.

    3rd Meaning of 1111: A Deceased Loved One is Sending You a Message

    In addition to seeing 11:11 as a message from angels and spirit guides, the number code 11:11 can be a way for a deceased loved one to connect with you.  So, when you're seeing 11:11 repetitively, your loved one from beyond is trying to give you a message. The important key is to be aware of the synchronicities around you so you can recognize and understand the messages that are meant for you.

    Whether your departed loved one was your parent, spouse, child, or other close family member or friend, they may simply want to let you know that they're okay. Other times, they may want to help you, to comfort you, or to let you know that they are with you. No matter how far you feel from your departed loved one, trust that you're being watched over, and most of all, trust that you are perfectly where you need to be at this present moment in time. And remember, when you see 11:11, you are in the presence of peace.

    4th Meaning of 1111: You Are on the Path of Awakening as You "Re-Member" Yourself

    Whenever you're seeing 11:11 or 1:11 number patterns, you're being called to awaken. Visually, 11:11 represents columns of gates; it is a direct channel that opens between you and your Higher Self. 11:11 is the point of merging the physical and non-physical realities of YOU. When this happens, it’s time to stop any ordinary activity you're doing and look at the big picture of your life.

    You begin to realize that what you are perceiving as imperfect, is actually the Universal Creator seeing perfection on the Divine level. Imperfections are simply imperfections to you, but not to the Universal Source. Therefore, what you see as a disappointment, the Creator sees as an opportunity for learning and soul growth.

    On the soul level, your consciousness evolves and you start to see life with new eyes. Instead of making decisions with your head, you start making decisions with your heart. For this reason, you begin to see the illusion of life and the true Divine reality of all that is. Trust that you’re on your path to awakening; trust that everything is unfolding perfectly for you; and most of all, trust that all is well for you.

    11:11 is a coded molecular structure of “Re-Membering” and reactivating the inner master that resides within you, your True Self. Re-member is a term that emphasizes the idea of putting the pieces of yourself – your “members” together – into their rightful order. In a way, remembering who you really are.

    5th Meaning of 1111: Set an Intention (Make a Wish!) and Take Action

    Whenever you’re seeing 11:11, know that it is a wake-up call of divine intervention.

    It's time to make a wish and know your intention can manifest for your highest good and for all mankind. It's the intention of the thought itself that counts.

    As humans, we ascend and descend continuously, with every thought and every word. In this way, ascension is born within each breath, in each and every moment of our lives. Each of us is growing toward the Light at our own pace. Essentially, we are all moving in the same direction to be One with the Universal Creator.

    So, when you see 11:11, you understand that you need to take the first step.  In this regard, the meaning of 11:11 is that you are being called for ACTION. What were you thinking at the moment when you saw 11:11? Follow the signs. You are awakening to your True Self as you are being divinely guided to your purpose.

    11:11 is a wake-up call.  Follow your passion and you will find your purpose.


    Yellow Gold
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