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18k Midas Star Coin of Abundance & Prosperity

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Choose between five Abundance and Prosperity affirmations to be engraved on the back of your coin. Read them both aloud and silently to yourself and go with the one that resonates with you most. This will be very powerful for you. We always start with "I AM" - the two most powerful words in existence....

1. I am a magnet for Wealth & Prosperity.

2. I am thankful for the Abundance and Prosperity in my life.

3. I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of all kinds is drawn to me.

4. I am open and receptive to all of the wealth in the Universe.

5. I am full of Happiness, Success, & Abundance.

*To enhance and ignite your manifestation power, I suggest you read your affirmation(s) aloud every day while looking in the mirror.

The Abundance and Prosperity coin alongside with your affirmations will help you develop prosperity consciousness, which is the key to living a flourishing life.

"Abundance and Prosperity are your birthrights. The fundamental difference is this- Prosperity is a way of living and thinking and not just having money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking and not just a lack of money and things.

What is it that you seek? Is it dollar bills? What do dollars represent? For me, an abundance of energetic wealth represents FREEDOM. That's what I love - to be Free. To be able to experience whatever it is that my heart desires at any given time."

-Logan Hollowell

Prosperity and abundance is everyone’s birthright. However, for most of us, negative programming gets in the way of having abundance. Unknowingly, at some level of consciousness, we begin to either hate or fear money- which is actually just ENERGY.

To beget abundance and prosperity, we have to think in terms of abundance and prosperity. When we focus on what we do NOT have, we are focusing on want or lack.

What we focus on is what we attract. Repeating abundance and prosperity affirmations is a very effective way of filling our minds with abundance thoughts.

At the same time we have to realize that abundance and prosperity do not merely mean lots of money. Money is only one component of abundance and prosperity.

Having time to do whatever you wish to do, having many true friends, near and dear ones so that you are never lonely, having lots of love and joy in life, having a soul satisfying job or business – these are some facets of abundance and prosperity in life.

The Midas star is included in Reiki symbols for prosperity. It symbolizes not just money but also success in personal relations, harmony and good luck. It helps us achieve whatever goal we have in life. The star sign indicates that with steady income or money, we can launch our power and aid the community in becoming a better place. A red line drawn under the mark, means the energy becomes more grounded.


Online Exclusive

18k gold and white diamond coin, handmade from our Alchemy collection, features the midas star symbol for abundance. Available on a 16" or 18" ball chain, .16ct total weight. This piece represents and heightens your magnetism towards wealth and prosperity. Remember that you hold the power to tap into everything you desire as long as you believe.


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