Bull Skull Necklace with Diamonds

Logan Hollowell Jewelry


Handmade 14k gold bull skull necklace with 0.20ct total weight white diamonds. This is a special necklace to remind you of your bodily, mental, and spiritual strength.    

Chain length is available in 16 and 18 inches.

Please allow 10-15 business days before shipping. Please contact us at info@loganhollowell.com for rush orders, or describe in your order notes at checkout.

The bull, and the time of year it is within, symbolizes being in tune with the instinctive earthy side of oneself. An animal born out of season, a calf for instance, would find it difficult in nature to survive, because there would be less food, and it might not be strong enough to face the winter. The bull or Taurean denotes bodily, mental or spiritual strength; also inherited qualities of possessions; practical, useful powers or gifts. Its essential characteristic is that of service. 

Stability, Strength, Stamina, Provision, Confidence, Fertility, Helpfulness, Determination

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