Mini Sunshine Necklace with Star Set Diamond

Logan Hollowell Jewelry


*Ships Now: Yellow and Rose Gold

Please allow 12-15 business days for rose and white gold.  This 14k solid gold sunshine necklace, is a more petite and delicate version accented with a single white star set diamond, .04ct total weight. The chain is 18" long with a loop at 16", so you can wear it at either length. Online Exclusive.

 As a reminder this piece is solid 14k gold, so it will never tarnish.  It can be worn in any weather/water, and will last forever as a personal investment and an heirloom. 

Solid 14K yellow gold, rose gold, white gold.  This piece is not plated and is 14k solid gold with a single diamond. 

This piece was inspired by the song "You are my Sunshine" that Logan's mother would always sing to her, which ignited a peaceful feeling and love, warmth, and safety. To this day, those words fill her heart with warmth knowing that whoever says it to another, truly means that that person is the light of their life. 

Alchemically, the sun is sol and is esoterically symbolic of the mind or intellect. Gold is considered the material of the sun in outwardly symbolic practices of alchemy.

Some elements that are considered to be sun symbols are: Gold, diamond, ruby, and topaz.

The planetary sign of the sun (a circle with a dot in the center) is also an alchemical symbol of origin signifying completion of the Great Work. Furthermore, this sun symbol represents the Self in its relation to the cosmic whole.

This is also the case in astrology where the sun is symbolic of the Self that is expressed outwardly - the self that shines openly to our friends, family, co-workers, etc. The sun position at our time of birth gives special illumination as to our characteristics. It's as if the sun shines upon our symbolic selves and makes us most visible to the world

The sun resonates with male energy in most cultures. However, Celtic perspective places feminine power within the sun's rays. Likewise, ancient African, Japanese, Germanic, and some Native American tribes all hold the sun as a feminine energy.


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