Logan Hollowell X Marvel, The Thor: Ragnarok Collection

Logan Hollowell has teamed up with Marvel to create their latest capsule collection, Logan Hollowell X Thor, The Thor: Ragnarok Collection. This edgy, handmade jewelry assortment consists of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets designed in Los Angeles with precious and semi-precious metals and stones. Infused with magic and inspired by the characters and themes of strength, power, and the cosmic energy from the upcoming film.

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GO Campaign

Click here to explore the amazing organization.

We're so proud to have partnered with the Go Campaign and be a part of the wonderful, charitable programs they're so committed to.

This year Logan visited the Gabriella Centre in Kilimanjaro and met the treasured children that attend the school. The children she met are special needs kids who are taught life skills and they're given opportunities that, without the school and the wonderful people running it, they wouldn't have access to.

The Gabriella Centre is a sacred and safe space that needs funding to continue with it's heroic efforts in the community. To read more about the program click here.

To donate, click here.

We thank you in advance for any contributions made and we consider ourselves fortunate to have you and your generosity surround this cause.




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Logan For Johnny Was

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     Logan Hollowell for Johnny Was is a collaboration built from the love of nature and simplicity. The pieces in this collection are all either 14k gold or 18k gold vermeil with precious and semi-precious stones. The line is built around the feeling a serene luxury that inspires creativity and harmony for the wearer. 
     Handcrafted in Los Angeles, this collection embodies the essence of the Logan Hollowell message and aesthetic as well as the Johnny Was attention to detail and meticulous beauty in every item. Johnny Was effortlessly couples delicate patterns and intricate nuances that align perfectly with the jewelry designed by Logan. 



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LH x FS "Full Circle"


     Full Circle, a collaboration by Flynn Skye and Logan Hollowell Jewelry, features a three piece collection in 14k yellow, rose, and white gold.  Each style, complete with a single bezel set diamond, symbolizes simplistic Venice beauty, and the idea that every positive act always comes back full circle.

     Amber Farr of Flynn Skye and Logan first met ten years ago when both were working in Los Angeles.  Now, years later, they have come full circle, both designing and running their own brands in Venice, and inspiring other women to follow their dreams and to always remember that we as a community are one, so by giving you ultimately receive. The unbreakable and infinite bond of their friendship is what inspires one another to continue to do what they love.

     Full Circle also embodies the belief in what you give will always return tenfold.  A portion of sales from this collection will benefit The Good Sheperd Center organization to help homeless women and their children in the Los Angeles area. By doing this collaboration, we hope to help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, and to always remember that we are all in this together as one.