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11:11 Pyramid Ring

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11:11 is the universe’s way of urging us to pay attention to our heart, soul and inner intuition. It can be seen as a wake-up call, a sign from our angels and a moment to step back and assess our current state. Seeing this particular sequence means that the universe is trying to spark an awakening, a time for us to pay close attention to the synchronicities around us to remember who we really are.

Emerald is a stone that is used to bring forth manifestation in the form of prosperity and abundance. It is used for intuitive awareness, meditation, and spirituality.

Emerald brings and enhances harmony, joy, memory, and faith. It also benefits intellect, communication, decision making, and promotes truthfulness and honesty, seeing past the superficial.


18k gold 11:11 pyramid ring with 0.88ctw of diamonds and 1.07ctw of emeralds.

The Pyramid ring represents the mystical power behind the enigma of how the pyramids of Giza were created, or which is still a mystery. The first emeralds were discovered in Egypt in 500 BC - the combo of diamond and emerald trillions represent the limitless mystery and power of the feminine.


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