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Baby Reverse Water Drop Natural or Lab Created Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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The Atlantis Collection was born out of Logan's infatuation and deep love of the ocean and the magical world beneath the surface. The idea of the lost city of Atlantis has remained in her heart and mind. Atlantis was an underwater world built on the foundation of love, synchronicity and magic. The search for the meaning of life and one's purpose is like finding hidden treasure. May this piece remind you to go beyond your consciousness and discover your true purpose and self.

"Water is my muse. It always goes where it wants to go, and nothing, in the end, can resist it. It is soft, can slip through fingers, yet strong enough to hold up a ship. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. It creates beauty and spirals inside of a seashell, just by being, by expressing itself freely. It is one way on the surface, yet holds a vast world of beauty and mysteriousness underneath of it. Hidden Treasures, only to be found by those who dive deep enough to discover them."


Logan Hollowell Online & In-Store Exclusive

14k gold and water drop natural or lab created diamond bracelet starting at 5ctw.

10% of collection sales will be donated to SeaLegacy, a non profit marine conservation organization committed to preserving our sacred waters and ocean life.

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