Yellow Gold
Large Big Dipper Constellation Earrings
Rose Gold
White Gold

Large Big Dipper Constellation Earrings

$ 2,600

Available in Diamond and White Sapphire.

14k and white diamond or white sapphire constellation earrings with 1.00 ct white diamonds and large 14k gold round push back backings for secure closure. Only requires one piercing. Ships now in yellow gold. 

The Big Dipper earrings were the piece that Logan's journey started with. Logan was always drawn to the cosmos and spent much of her childhood gazing at the night sky, staring into the abyss of sparkling stars. This became the backdrop for her creative mind and, to her, the stars represented home. 

These Big Dipper earrings are a reminder of where you come from. There's a comfort in knowing that everyone you love and everyone who loves you is under these stars and sees them the same way you do. Let these earrings remind you of the galactic home we all originate from. You are made of stardust.

The Big Dipper Constellation represents freedom. May these earrings inspire you to set yourself free from a situation, state of mind, or anything that's holding you back from fulfilling your true potential.