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LH x JA Akasha Blue Tiger's Eye Mala Bead Bracelet with Silver

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Blue Tiger’s Eye Stone Benefits: Reduces stress and anxiety, promotes calmness and spiritual healing.

A handheld version of the traditional Mala necklace, Mala Bead bracelets serve as an abbreviated guide for controlled breathing and intention setting during meditation.

For thousands of years, the Merkaba symbol has symbolized and assisted with spiritual growth. When used in meditation, it more closely connects us to the Divine. At its roots, the word Merkaba translates to light-spirit-body. The Merkaba combines intersecting pyramids that represent opposing energies in perfect balance; masculine and feminine; earth and cosmos. Since each of its corner points are equally distant from each of its others, in a sacred geometric pattern, there is no strain or tension in the Merkaba, only rest and equilibrium. It expresses the potential of a world of community and peace where no one is separate. All are one and one is all. Wear your mala bracelet as a reminder of your divinity.


Adjustable mala bead bracelet available in your choice of Onyx, Blue Tiger’s Eye or Labradorite. Each bracelet is accented with an 18k yellow or white gold Merkaba bead. One size fits most.

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