Yellow Gold
Third Quarter Moon Phase Coin Necklace
Rose Gold
White Gold

Third Quarter Moon Phase Coin Necklace

$ 1,625

Select from seven different 14k gold and handset white diamond moon phase coin necklaces, available on a 18" diamond cut Italian ball chain from The Alchemy Collection.  Look up what moon phase you or your loved one was born under here and what it says about you or your loved ones personality here. This a beautiful way to show the moon of your lover, child, sister, or friend! An incredibly thoughtful gift for yourself, or someone else. 

Full (.50 total carat weight)

Half - First Quarter (.26 total carat weight)

Half- Third Quarter (.26 total carat weight)

Waxing Gibbous (.38 total carat weight)

Waning Gibbous (.38 total carat weight)

Waxing Crescent (.13 total carat weight)

Waning Crescent (.13 total carat weight)