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Eau de Rose Cut Diamond Waterfall Bracelet | Ready to Ship

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“Femininity is found hidden within nature, and the more we choose to go inside of the natural world, the more at peace with our divine self we will feel. Roses have the highest vibration of all flowers, and there are layers of metaphors and symbolism hidden within a rose. One of which is the softness of their petals, juxtaposed with sharp thorns of protection and strength. Roses are soft, yet strong. The unfolding of its petals beginning with a bud represents the birth, death, and rebirth of all periods of life and its seasons. A rose reminds us to always bloom without fear of endings, and to never compare ourselves to others, but to just simply be. Let these pieces magnify your radiance, and watch your life unfold divinely, whilst always being protected and nourished by your source.” - Logan
Inspired by the hidden messages of water and the magical essence of water droplets on lush flowers or plants. Escape to a level of enchantment while wearing these Rosecut pieces, and get lost in their sparkle as they toss and turn in the light. Pierced Rosecut diamonds offer a seamless and floating appearance.


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18k solid gold statement bracelet with 8ctw of light yellow rose cut diamonds.

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