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Petite Eau de Rose Cut Iris Lariat

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"Femininity is found hidden within nature, and the more we choose to go inside the natural world, the more at peace with our divine selves we will feel. Roses have the highest vibration of all flowers, with layers of metaphors and symbolism. They remind us to bloom fearlessly, embrace our uniqueness, and unfold gracefully. Let these pieces magnify your radiance, watching your life unfold divinely while being protected and nourished by your source." - Logan

A tribute to dreamers and romantics who find solace in life's delicate intricacies. Whether you seek to elevate a glamorous soirée or embrace your inner goddess, these extraordinary jewels offer the perfect complement. Experience the radiant glow they bestow upon those who wear them and embark on a journey where magic and reality intertwine.


18k gold with over 2.80 ctw of delicate rose cut white diamonds measuring 18" in length with an additional 5" drop. 


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