Eternal Round Diamond Setting

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Eternal Round Diamond Setting


Price listed is for setting only. Pictured with 3 carat center stone. Refined and modern, this ring features a round diamond center poised among a solitaire Feather Thin band. The simple four prong inverse gold setting enhances the diamond’s natural beauty and brilliance, without distraction. Feather Thin refers to this band's lightweight design for a lifetime of comfort.

Since the 17th century, Round Cut diamonds have been popular for their timeless shape and perfect 360-degree symmetry. Featuring 58 facets – 33 of which are on the crown and 25 of which are on the pavilion – Round Cut diamonds have exceptional brilliance and fire.

Available with center stones starting from 1.00 carats. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production.

Final price varies depending on carat weight, color and clarity of center stone. Please schedule an appointment to view in person or inquire for pricing. Options for upgraded diamonds or custom gemstones always available.

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