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Logan Hollowell Jewelry

NEW! Five Diamond Peace Ring

$ 2,200.00


14k gold with five white diamond Peace Ring.

Five is the number of balance. Five symbolizes man, health and love. The Pythagoreans thought of five as “hieros gamos”, the marriage between heaven and earth.

The spiritual meaning of number five deals with travel, adventure, and motion. With the highs that come with these attributes, five also carries instability and unpredictability, and radical changes. The spiritual meaning of five draws our attention to the wonder of life, and beckons us to appreciate the perception of chaos all around us. Five is the number of the human being.

Leo is the fifth astrological sign in the Zodiac. (July 23 – August 23). Number five is the number of Mercury. Number five is lucky for Gemini and Virgo. In the Tarot, five is the card for the Hierophant (the Pope). The Hierophant symbolizes peace and harmony. Reversed it indicates vulnerability.

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