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Blue Tiger’s Eye Stone Benefits: Reduces stress and anxiety, promotes calmness and spiritual healing.

The tassel on a mala is a representation of the lotus flower, a symbol of the higher consciousness. Mala Beads are ancient tools developed to keep the mind focused during meditation. The 108 beads, plus a 109th “guru” bead, serve as a guide for controlled breathing and intention. When not in use as a meditation tool, Mala Beads offer protection and healing benefits to its wearer, helping you adjust to your optimal energetic flow. Wear your mala beads as a reminder to live a life of pure intention.

Starting at the guru bead, gently thumb past each bead during your mantra or meditation to keep your mind quiet. When you find your way back to the guru bead, you will have completed 109 repetitions and can reverse your direction for more mantras and meditation. Tradition recommends that you wear your Mala Beads for a period of 40 days to attune to your energy. Recharge or rebalance the energy of your Mala beads by placing in the sunlight, or under a full moon.


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32” traditional mala bead tassel necklace in your choice of Onyx, Blue Tiger’s Eye or Labradorite.

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