Men's Lunar Alchemy Signet Ring

Men's Lunar Alchemy Signet Ring

$ 750

Men's sterling silver signet ring with three black diamonds and hand-carved sacred symbols of Alchemy.

Please allow 15-20 business days for production. 

The shape of the pyramids is chosen very carefully to reflect these underlying aspects of the divine unity. The pyramid has 4 faces. Three faces to the heavens, and one face to the earth. 

The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity. Controlling the tides, the rains, the waters, and the seasons, it is the middle ground between the light of the sun and the darkness of night, and thus often represents the realm between the conscious and the unconscious. In astrology, the moon is a symbol of the soul, and in the horoscope it determines the subject's capacity for reflection and adaptation.

Number 3 carries the vibrations of communication and self-expression, adventure, inspiration and creativity, humour, optimism and joy, spontaneity and enthusiasm. Number 3 also symbolizes the principle of increase and growth, expansion and abundance on the mental, emotional, financial and spiritual levels. It is an indication that your angels are trying to get your attention.