Aquarius Turquoise Constellation Necklace

Logan Hollowell Jewelry


14k gold and turquoise constellation necklace.  Wear your Astrological sign or the sign of a loved one.  A perfect custom gift and timeless keepsake of our celestial destiny.  

Pendant hangs on an 18" chain with a loop at 16", so it can be worn at either length.

Aquarius is the sign of visionaries, unconventionality and intellectual independence. Aquarius are the people who deviate from the crowd and go their own way. They are always after intellectual stimulation, constantly discovering something new, forming new opinions and traveling their way regardless of what other people think. They like to experience both sides and see both opinions as they formulate new ideas with their forward thinking, active mind. 

Aquarius rarely judges others.  They are verbally skilled and very witty. 

They welcome change because boredom is their enemy. Anything new is an opportunity to Aquarius.  Aquarius likes to shock and deviate from the norm, keeping themselves and everyone around them on their toes.

- Witty
- Clever
- Humanitarian
- Inventive
- Original 

January 21 - February 19

Turquoise is a stone of protection.  It guards against negative energy and brings forth good fortune. Turquoise also promotes peace.  It is a very personal and meaningful stone.  Carrying great wisdom of basic truth within it, turquoise is one of the oldest stones in existence.

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