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Baby Solid Interlocking Unity Necklace

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This necklace is inspired by the balance between the feminine (moon) and masculine (sun) as we all work towards unification.

In the old paradigm, a relationship or marriage in many circumstances may have represented a bondage or ownership, often involving possessiveness and drama.

"Locking in" in the new era, the golden/Aquarian age, means relationships are sacred choices that provide joy and the freedom to be ourselves. A vibrant, free flowing energy between two people. A true, balanced partnership.

Our wish is that this piece provides you with the inspiration and reminder that you must find balance within yourself foremost, so you can attract a sacred bond, where you are constantly healing one another to become your best selves.


Logan Hollowell Online & In-Store Exclusive

14k gold interlocking unity necklace available in three adjustable chain lengths.


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