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Baby Midas Star Coin of Abundance & Prosperity Coin Charm

$ 975

14k gold and white diamonds, totaling .10ct, featuring the midas star symbol for abundance. With engraving  “abundance” on the back. 

Pendant only.

This charm can be purchased along with Alchemy Link Necklace or be added to any other chains in order to create your own personalized necklace.

May everything you touch turn to gold! Midas once wished that everything he touched turned to gold and from this rose the phrase midas touch which is now synonymous with good fortune. Wear this charm and remember that you are filled with potential and that you carry your own luck with you.

The Midas star is included in Reiki symbols for prosperity. It symbolizes not just money but also success in personal relations, harmony and good luck. It helps us achieve whatever goal we have in life. The star sign indicates that with steady income or money, we can launch our power and aid the community in becoming a better place. A red line drawn under the mark, the energy becomes more grounded. If you want, you can draw the Midas star on cash or checks you will receive. You may also draw on a piece of paper and keep it in a Reiki box to ensure free flowing money and wealth. Go ahead and make yourself prosper using the Reiki prosperity and abundance technique.