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White Leather Rose Cut Diamond Moon Wrap

$ 795.00


Out of this world 14k gold moon pendant with rustic rose cut diamond center and .17 total carat weight. This gorgeous showpiece is centered firmly on a white leather wrap. This can be warn as a choker, bracelet, anklet or any other accessory you wish.

   Khonsu, the Egyptian god of moon, featured in the stories, myths and legends in Egyptian Mythology. His symbols were crescent and full moon, the falcon, a crook, flail, and scepter. Although best known as a lunar deity he was also associated with healing. According to ancient Egyptian mythology he was credited with healing the pharaoh Ptolemy IV who subsequently took the epithet "beloved of Khonsu who protects the king and drives away evil spirits". Khonsu was often depicted as a child and revered as a protector of children against dangerous animals and represented standing on crocodiles. Ancient Egyptians appealed to him as 'Khonsu the Merciful' for help when they were ill.

   The duties of the ibis-headed god Thoth included that of secretary of  the sun god Ra and scribe of the Underworld and Khonsu was perceived as his mathematical counterpart. The Egyptians appreciated the regular cycles of the moon, and made them the base for their calendar of twelve months making up a lunar year. Khonsu was therfore described as the pendulum of heaven and the precise divider of months and had the epithet of  "Khonsu, the chronographer".

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