About Us

“The hope and intention behind my jewelry is to make others feel confident in letting their inner beauty shine with the same energy used to create each piece.”

-Logan Hollowell


Logan's Story


Raised on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Logan grew up surrounded by wilderness and the magic of nature. Many childhood nights included stargazing and admiring the moon, captivated by the comfort of the cosmos. Most of her younger years were spent outdoors hiking, fishing, and boating - living simply and free.

Human nature and interaction has always piqued her curiosity in knowing that every person has a story to tell. Learning about different civilizations across history, specifically Native American and Egyptian cultures, created a fascination with heirlooms and creating one of a kind pieces to pass down. She designs and constructs each handmade piece in downtown Los Angeles, with an organic and asymmetrical aesthetic, special and perfect in its own right, like human nature.

Nature and spiritual symbolism were the foundation of Logan’s upbringing, which is shown throughout her fine jewelry collection laden with totem animals, constellations, precious stones and metals, and sacred numerology. “There are no straight lines and confined boundaries in nature. Each imperfection is what makes it beautiful,” says Hollowell.

Logan has gone on to become a writer, designer, student of metaphysics, healer, alchemist and global ambassador for peace and equality. Her philanthropy and message of women’s empowerment are a connecting thread through all of her endeavors. She strives to promote practices of metaphysical and psychological alchemy. Logan continues to study and use clairvoyance, clairaudience, reiki, and channeling from higher realms.

Logan designs with intention. Each piece is made with the love and magic that she came to know through nature and the universe. Logan’s mission is to empower and inspire others to live as their best selves while letting go of fear and breaking boundaries of societal expectations and constraints.

Winter 2017 - Behind the Scenes


Summer 2017 - Behind the Scenes


Our Intention 


My creations are physical manifestations much deeper than jewelry. My intention is to do more than just make you look sparkly; I want to make you sparkle from the inside out. There’s a diamond inside of us just waiting to be discovered. The idea of my line is to serve as a reminder to you that you are just like a diamond - unbreakable, sparkling, and full of light.

My mission is to create heirlooms with real gold and diamonds that last forever. The idea is to invest in the best possible, because you’re worth it. I encourage women to set the bar high because it sets the stage for how you deserve to be treated. My intention will always be that when you wear the jewelry that you feel empowered and beautiful - that of a goddess.

Logan handpicks each gemstone based on her intuition and the feeling that she receives from the stone and its beauty. Logan is, ultimately, in the business of healing arts and works with energy to improve lives. Logan dreams of adding piece of universal energy to your collection and, with it, a piece of emotional value.